Daniel foresees the future

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry ChurchesFebruary 20, 2022Daniel 11-12:4 At the beginning of worship: I’ve been reading a modern translation of the Norse poems, myths, and legends. It’s a weird world which probably comes from huddling around the fire on those long winter nights in Scandinavia.[1] These stories are often violent and set in a tough world. … Read more Daniel foresees the future

Into and out of the furnace

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry ChurchesSeptember 5, 2021Daniel 3 Introduction at beginning of worship We’re back in Daniel this week. We’ll be looking at the third chapter and story in Daniel, but one that doesn’t mention Daniel. Instead, his three friends—Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—take center stage. If you remember from my sermon two weeks ago, at … Read more Into and out of the furnace