Why Church? For proper worship

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry ChurchesIsaiah 6April 3, 2022 At the beginning of worship: Each of us are instilled with the need to worship. Whether or not we’re Christian, whether or not we’re religious, we have a desire to find meaning in something larger than ourselves. That “something” becomes the object of our worship.   The “atheistic … Read more Why Church? For proper worship

Reformation Sunday: God as a Fountain of Goodness

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry Presbyterian ChurchesOctober 31, 201Isaiah 12 At the Beginning of Worship Today is Reformation Sunday. 504 years ago, on this date, Martin Luther nailed up his 95 Thesis. This marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. I will use the gap between now and the beginning of Advent (as I don’t have … Read more Reformation Sunday: God as a Fountain of Goodness

A Prayer for God to Enter History

Jeff GarrisonMayberry and Bluemont ChurchesDecember 27, 2020Isaiah 64 At the beginning of worship, in preparation:  Jesus’ birth came at an interesting time. Luke provides the historical setting: Augustus ruled as emperor, Quirinius was governor, and a major census was underway. On one hand, it was a time of stability. But the peace was fragile, maintained by … Read more A Prayer for God to Enter History

Flip the Switch

Jeff Garrison  Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Isaiah 60:1-7 January 5, 2020 Tomorrow is Epiphany, a word that means a manifestation. Think of it as an “a-ha” moment. It’s the 12th Day of Christmas, but in the Western World, Christmas Day has overtaken his feast day in which we recall the coming of the Magi or … Read more Flip the Switch