A Prayer for God to Enter History

Jeff GarrisonMayberry and Bluemont ChurchesDecember 27, 2020Isaiah 64 At the beginning of worship, in preparation:  Jesus’ birth came at an interesting time. Luke provides the historical setting: Augustus ruled as emperor, Quirinius was governor, and a major census was underway. On one hand, it was a time of stability. But the peace was fragile, maintained by … Read more A Prayer for God to Enter History

Flip the Switch

Jeff Garrison  Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Isaiah 60:1-7 January 5, 2020 Tomorrow is Epiphany, a word that means a manifestation. Think of it as an “a-ha” moment. It’s the 12th Day of Christmas, but in the Western World, Christmas Day has overtaken his feast day in which we recall the coming of the Magi or … Read more Flip the Switch