Thanksgiving, Joy, & Gratitude

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry ChurchesNovember 22, 2020Psalm 100©2020 Setting the stage:          One of my favorite Georgian authors is Ferrol Sams. A physician by trade, he began writing later in his life. I’d read most of his books before moving to Georgia and highly recommend his three-volume memoir.  In volume two, which is about his college … Read more Thanksgiving, Joy, & Gratitude

Woe or Whoa?

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry ChurchesNovember 15, 2020Matthew 23:13-38©2020 At the beginning of worship:             I warned you last week; we’re spending two weeks in the 23rd Chapter of Matthew. It’s a difficult chapter. Jesus deliverers a pulpit-pounding sermon. In the middle of this sermon are seven woes. For each, Jesus lifts up particular actions of … Read more Woe or Whoa?

Matthew 23:1-12

Jeff GarrisonBluemont and Mayberry ChurchesNovember 8, 2020Matthew 23:1-12 At the beginning of the service:             Today we’re moving into the 23rd chapter of Matthew. Some commentators think this is one of the more difficult chapters in Scripture. I’m don’t think that’s true. This text is not that hard for us to understand, but it makes us quite … Read more Matthew 23:1-12