Walk This Way

Jeff Garrison  Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Psalm 119:1-8 February 16, 2020   We’re back looking at ways for us not to be so SAD. How can we overcome bouts of Spiritual Affective Disease? How can we get closer to our Creator? This series offers us ways, beyond the usual Bible study and prayer, that we … Read more Walk This Way

Soothe a Savage

Jeff Garrison  Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Psalm 40:1-11 January 12, 2020   Between Christmas and Lent, we’re exploring Spiritual Affective Disorder. Many people during winter, when the days are short, suffer for a Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s due to the lack of natural light. When we don’t receive the light that comes from God, our … Read more Soothe a Savage

Flip the Switch

Jeff Garrison  Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Isaiah 60:1-7 January 5, 2020 Tomorrow is Epiphany, a word that means a manifestation. Think of it as an “a-ha” moment. It’s the 12th Day of Christmas, but in the Western World, Christmas Day has overtaken his feast day in which we recall the coming of the Magi or … Read more Flip the Switch

Peaceful Joy

Jeff Garrison Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Matthew 1:18-25 December 22, 2019 The Isaiah scripture is also referenced in Matthew’s telling of the birth narrative.[1] Before I read it, let me tell you a bit about the opening of Matthew’s gospel. The Gospel of Matthew is filled with surprises. It begins with a genealogy of Jesus. … Read more Peaceful Joy